ARGUS Project


Non-destructive, scalable, smart monitoring of remote cultural treasures

ARGUS is a European Project funded by the REA agency of the European Union. ARGUS draws on the current challenges in monitoring remote built heritage assets and the current research focus on preventive preservation, and envisions the development of:

  1. a novel built heritage digital twin model to support multi-scale/modal data;
  2. an advanced digitisation strategy to support the digital twin model;
  3. a portable measurements system for non-descructive physical and chemical monitoring based on miniaturised sensors, and sensor composites integration, comprising of ground and aereal components;
  4. AI-enabled methods for the modeling and identification (reverse engineer) of threat factors and their impact;
  5. AI-powered multimodal data methods for the fusion of (i) remote sensing climate, weather and pollution data with (ii) natural disaster regional statistics, (iii) governmental statistics (ii) on-site acquired measurements;
  6. Trustworthy AI decision support methods for the preventive preservation of built heritage.

ARGUS’ innovation targets will be tested in five pilot sites, each with its own unique story and conservation challenges: the Delos Island (Greece), The Cellar town of Baltanás (Spain), the Monti Lucretili (Italy), the abbey of Sant’Antonio di Ranverso (Italy), the Schenkenberg Castle (Switzerland).

This ambitious initiative, uniting AI and cutting-edge technology, promises a transformative leap in heritage conservation, ensuring the longevity of our architectural treasures. Targeting researchers, stakeholders, authorities and the public, ARGUS promises real-time monitoring, long-term analysis and innovative strategies to safeguard our cultural heritage.


HORIZON-CL2-2023-HERITAGE-01-01 - Advanced technologies for remote monitoring of heritage monuments and artefacts

Grant agrreement ID
Start – end date
1 December 2023 – 30 Novembre 2026
Budget and funding
EUR 3 996 147,50

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the REA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.