Scientific Communication

Not all communication experts are the same. Just as not all audiences or channels are the same. If your audience values factual information above other aspects, or if your brand image requires highlighting scientific or technological rigour, KNEIA will provide the added value you need in your communication strategy.

Research Results Valorisation

We are your methodological guide in exploring exploitation opportunities. Valorisation involves many challenges, and each one requires specific knowledge and competencies; our support will help you identify where you stand and where it will be advantageous to invest your next efforts. Considering aspects such as result evaluation, identification of potential applications, market research, intellectual property protection, search for collaborators and partners, funding options, prototype or product development, feasibility assessment, negotiation of agreements, or marketing challenges. And above all, no abstract words or empty advice: based on your core business and the available capabilities in your organization.

Open Science

As experts in Open Science, we offer training and guidance on conceptual, technical, and methodological aspects. Integrate the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation into your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.


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